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Workshop on Web quality, Verification and Validation

The growing demand of quality in software has made quality itself a discriminating factor among software products, and therefore a key factor for software success.

Interactive Web applications, which enable users to access services and products provided by businesses via Web browsers, have been extremely successful in many application domains including retail (such as Amazon and Travelocity) and finance (such as on-line trading and banking). A common use of these web applications is to integrate them into a web portal. A Web portal is a site that aggregates information from multiple sources on the Web and organizes this material in an easy a user-friendly manner. Web services extend these systems by providing tools and languages to establish and manage interactions among Web accessible software applications in order to automate business to business transactions.

The success of these technologies in several fields such as the electronic commerce and their increasing use in safety critical applications makes quality and dependability of Web-based software important and critical factors/problems. Therefore, the quality of applications is fundamental. Developing quality Web applications, portals and Web services will require effective approaches, methods and tools to design, model, develop, evolve and maintain these software systems. Furthermore, developing dependable Web software systems will require effective testing, analysis and verification techniques and tools. These activities need to address not only the needs of software in general but also the specific challenges presented by applications in this Web domain, such as: the distributed nature, that makes these activities especially challenging; the proneness to concurrency errors since they rely on concurrent processing of user/service requests; interfaces play an important role in their coordination and interface violations can cause serious problems; diverse communication mechanisms such as synchronous and asynchronous messaging and remote procedure calls result in complex interaction behaviour; new languages (such as BPEL) and data formats (such as XML) introduced for this particular domain present new challenges; security is an important problem given the cross-enterprise exchange of potentially sensitive data.

The goal of this workshop is to bring together members of the academic, research, and industrial community interested in testing, analysis and verification of Web services and applications. We encourage original submissions (even if they are related to first-steps idea) in any field of quality and dependability of Web services and applications.

URL: http://sl-lab.it/wqvv/


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