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Second International Workshop on Adaptation and Evolution in Web Systems Engineering

Current Web applications are evolutionary in their nature: in several scenarios, such class of systems require (frequent) changes of content, functionality, semantics, structure, navigation, presentation or implementation. Furthermore, recent advances in communication and network technologies provide users with the ability to access content with different types of (mobile) devices, at any time, from anywhere, and with any media.

Such new needs, on the one hand, demand for the development of adaptive Web systems, able to support more effective and efficient interactions in all those situations where the contents and services offered by the Web application are (rapidly) changing, and/or strongly depend on the current environmental situation, users' (dis)abilities, and/or the actual purpose of the application. On the other hand, such new needs demand for evolvable Web systems, able to support developers in applying new application requirements, in dealing with evolving content and structure and its consequences, in coping with evolving technologies, etc.

In short, dealing with adaptation and evolution is essential in modern web applications.

AEWSE aims at bringing together researchers and practitioners with different research interests and belonging to communities like Web Engineering, Adaptive Hypermedia, User Modeling, Active Databases, Semantic Web, Ontology Evolution, Database Evolution, Temporal Data, Software Engineering and Mobile Computing. The ultimate goal is to facilitate the discussion of key issues, approaches, open problems, innovative applications, and trends in these research areas, for identifying methodologies and technologies to support adaptive access to and/or evolution in (the design of) Web applications.

URL: http://wise.vub.ac.be/aewse2007/

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