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Adam Bosworth 

Adam is a Vice President at  Google, overseeing a variety of technology initiatives.  He was previously a Vice President at BEA Systems, where he was responsible for the engineering efforts in BEA's Framework Division. Prior to joining BEA, Adam co-founded Crossgain, a software development firm acquired by BEA in 2001; Crossgain's "Cajun" project developed into BEA's WebLogic Workshop.
Known as one of the pioneers of XML, Adam previously held various senior management positions at Microsoft, including General Manager of the WebData group, a team focused on defining and driving XML strategy. While at Microsoft, he was responsible for assembling and driving the team that developed Internet Explorer 4.0's HTML engine (codenamed 'Trident'). These two efforts in conjunction delivered the techonology known, today, as Ajax. Before that he was responsible for designing and delivering the Microsoft Access PC database product.
Prior to Microsoft, Adam worked for Borland where he developed the Quattro spreadsheet application following Borland's acquisition of Analytica in 1985 - founded by Adam Bosworth and Eric Michelman, and managed by Brad Silverberg.
Adam Bosworth 
On December 10th, 2003 Adam Bosworth was awarded the prestigious XML Cup, for his efforts in making XML a sucessful Internet standard. Adam Bosworth received his bachelor's degree in History from Harvard University in 1976.


Marina Bosi 

Marina Bosi is Consulting Professor in the Music and in the Electrical Engineering Departments at Stanford University and is also a founding member and director of the Digital Media Project, a non-profit organization that promotes successful development, deployment, and use of Digital Media.  Previously, Dr. Bosi was Chief Technology Officer of MPEG LA®, a firm specializing in the licensing of multimedia technology; VP-Technology, Standards and Strategies at Digital Theater Systems (DTS); and was part of the research team at Dolby Laboratories working on AC-2 and AC-3 technology and where she led the MPEG-2 AAC development.  Dr. Bosi has been involved in the development of standards for audio and video coding, contributing to the work of ANSI, ATSC, DVD Forum, DVB, ISO/IEC MPEG, SDMI, and SMPTE. Past President of the Audio Engineering Society (AES), Dr. Bosi is a member the Technical Committee on Audio and Electroacoustics of the IEEE Signal Processing Society, a senior member of IEEE, and a member of ASA.
Dr. Bosi received the AES Fellowship Award for her contributions to the standardization of audio coding, video coding, and secure digital content.  She received the AES Board of Governors Award twice:  in 1995 for her co-chairmanship of the 96th AES Convention and again in 2000 for her co-chairmanship of the 17th AES International Conference, the first scientific international conference dedicated to the topic of high quality audio coding. 

Marina Bosi 
Dr. Bosi was the editor of MPEG-2 Advanced Audio Coding (AAC) for which she received a Certificate of Appreciation from ISO/IEC. Dr. Bosi holds several patents and publications in the field and is author of the acclaimed textbook “Introduction to Digital Audio Coding and Standards” (Kluwer/Springer December 2002) translated in Chinese and Korean.
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